Fit Faith

Are you not getting the results your looking for? Sometimes its the system that you're using that is causing the results you are getting. We are discovering how Jesus will confront your system of thinking to put your faith back on track and help you get the results He is looking for.


Fight of Your Life

When life becomes overwhelming, it can be tempting to quit on God and ourselves. What can we do to ensure we have what we need when this happens? This week we are sharing how to get in position to fight life’s greatest battles.

In your Blind Spot

Are you overwhelmed by setbacks you never saw coming? Struggling to step into the dream God has placed on your heart? Through the story of Joseph, we see it is not just not the struggles we never see coming but its the blessings too.

Why do we find it nearly impossible to measure up to our own expectations? Discover how a God who is able to do immeasurably more can drastically affect the way we evaluate our own lives.

No Limits (Don't Get Stuck on Saul)

When we think about our future, what keeps us from moving forward? And what is limiting us in our lives today? Often the answer to these questions is rooted in our past. Failure. Disappointment. Shame. We feel chained to these failed past performances and broken dreams. Listen in as we tackle the struggle we all face and God gives us permission to move ahead!

Katie's Story

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 10.03.08 AM.png

Katie Schiltz shares her story how even when things seem bleak and hopeless God has a plan for your life.  Almost a year ago Katie had a liver transplant but things didn't go as anticipated.  However God's grace showed up in an amazing way and today Katie can say God's plan is better than our own. 

There is still time on the clock!

One of the most exciting things in sport is watching an epic comeback.  At times life seems to have run up the score on us.  When a team is down you want to have a coach that has experienced a comeback himself.  Jesus has comeback from the dead, He can lead you to a comeback in your life! 

Putting It All Together

What happens when we put the three components of our mission statement Connect, Grow and Go all together?  What would a life look like that began to incoperate these principles in harmony?  Lets take a look at a life that went from outcast to out reach specialist.  

On Mission Grow (Part 2)

We all have parts of our lives that aren’t turning out quite like we planned. But how do we know when it's time to keep pushing or just cut our losses?  We are going to look at two more principles to help us grow this week.  We got to dig arround and allow God to fertilize our root system.  We going deep to apply Gods greatest gift of all in our life.  

On Mission Grow (Part 1)


We are unpacking the second component in our missions statement, GROW. Once you connect Jesus wants you to continue to develop and mature in all the areas of our life. But what things hinder us from growing the way we are suppose to. We look forward to discovering together how we can grow effectively and help others do the same.